Ramesh Sampath

For over ten years, I spent building data warehouses, ETL and database applications using commerical software. For the last few years, I have dabbled around in a few open source technologies (Python / R / PostgreSQL). While building these database applications, I am most facinated, when someone makes sense of the data and finds a interesting story that was there to be discovered. I am looking to join a team that finds stories in data.


  • Experienced: Python (Web Dev, Scientific Stack), JavaScript, SQL, ETL, Data Warehousing
  • Used: PostgreSQL, MS SQL BI, SAP BI, Tableau, Cognos BI, Informatica, R-Statistics
  • Recent: Hadoop, Hive, Pig, HBase, Elastic MapReduce, AWS Redshift, Spark, D3.js, Scala
  • Cloud Computing: AWS, Google App Engine, Rackspace


Because a large part of open source software is about the community, I went to a number of conferences to meet people and learn what problems excite the community.

  • Python - PyCon'2013, PyTexas'2013 & 2012, PyCarolinas'2012, PyOhio'2012, PyGotham'2012, Scipy'2012 & 2014, PyData NYC'2012 & 2013, PyData SV'2013
  • Data - Strata'2012, Strata'2013, DataGotham'2012
  • Statistics - Use-R'2013, Statistics Workshops at UT Austin'2012, 2013 & 2014
  • Ruby - Rails'2012, RubyConf'2012


  • Lean Startup Machine - Dallas'2014 - Winning Team. Law of averages, finally
  • Startup Weekend - Austin'2012 & 2013
  • Lean Startup Machine - Austin'2012 & 2013 caught on :-)
  • Angel Hack Volunteer - Austin'2013

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